Typical Warmth of the First Apple Store in Southeast Asia

First Apple Store Located at Singapore

My Techno – The excitement of Apple’s first retail store – Apple Store – in Southeast Asia was not only felt on the first day of opening or exactly two weeks ago. A similar atmosphere is still felt today, one of which is the view of a number of people who are willing to wait for the store is opened.

We had the opportunity to visit the Apple store located at Knightsbridbe Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore. Apple Store location at the intersection makes visitors easy to find buildings consisting of two floors of it. The sight of people passing by on the sidewalks front of the store until the visitors who take pictures in front of the Apple logo become commonplace outside the store.

A number of visitors Apple Store who have been waiting in the front yard shop began to queue when the clock shows at 10 am. Service staff rushed to open the shop and warmly welcomed potential visitors. All the shopkeepers stand by the entrance to the visitor’s warm welcome, this is like meeting old friends back together.

The warmth in it became more and more intense when the shopkeepers wearing green shirts deftly helped and served every visitor. Information about the products on display, accessories, until the availability of newly released products was answered with an informative.

A number of variants of the Macbook, iPad, iPhone, until Apple Watch is displayed neatly on a table lining the ground floor of the store. While the accessories of Apple agen bola sbobet devices are arranged on the wall facing the street. Not just look around and capture the moment in the store, visitors are also given the opportunity to try out all the devices in it. In contrast to the experience of entering an electronics store in Jakarta, Apple provides warm and friendly service in its store. No officers followed where visitors stepped in while exploring the corners of the store.

The store service staff will only come over if visitors feel they need information or want to wonder about Apple devices. The rest, they will provide opportunities for visitors to look around, try and capture the moment in the store. In the corner of the store is a circular staircase that will take visitors to the workshop area and consultation by the shop assistant. A number of desks neatly lined up to welcome visitors who want to consult about Apple devices. While for visitors who bring children, Apple provides a special area child friendly which is near the consulting table. Children can take an interactive game session utilizing the iPad with a shop assisted by a shop assistant.

Upstairs there is also a large screen featuring a daily activity agenda for children. Apple took a number of artists to provide an experience for visitors to maximize their Apple devices. Similar to the wall on the first floor, the second floor of this store is http://aduq.co also colored with various accessories for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch. The difference in one corner of the store wall is also available a variety of supporting accessories made by other companies that can connect with Apple devices.