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Yahoo and AOL Merger Companies Will Fired 1000 Employees

AOL and Yahoo will fired 1000 employee

My Techno – After the merger between AOL and Yahoo, according to a source, the company will soon terminate its employees’ employment on a large scale It is estimated that as many Domino online terpercaya as 1,000 workers will be dismissed. Although it looks a lot, but this amount is not up to 20 percent of the total workers AOL and Yahoo.

This step is already predicted. Therefore, both companies have redundancies of workers. Among them are personnel for human resources, finance, marketing, and general administration The merger process of both companies is expected to be completed next week. As we know, Verizon bought both companies. Combined both are expected to support technology and content on mobile telecommunications service operators in the United States.

The combined company AOL and Yahoo will get a new name, OATH. Plans to merge these two companies continue to be done in recent times This effort is quite time consuming because both companies have cohesive units with multiple assets and problems. OATH will be headed by AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, as Recode writes.

While many executives include Yahoo CEOs who quit the merger company. Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo, is one of those who will be laid off. The amount of severance he will receive is estimated at US $ 23 million (approximately Rp 306 billion), as written by Business Insider.

Some execs on Marissa Mayer’s leadership team are apparently consulting with many lawyer about what kinds of things would get them fired after the acquisition, according to another person close to the company This person believes that some of the execs are actually “trying to get fired” by Verizon Company http://aduq.co should the deal close so they can walk with their big payday. If an exec could leave the job without walking from a lot of money, that’s appealing.