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Tricks Maintain Data Security and Privacy

Currently, the issue of data security and privacy of internet users is becoming serious.

My Techno Currently, the issue of data security and privacy of internet users poker online terpercaya is becoming serious. And indeed this case must be considered seriously considering the magnitude of the dangers that can occur when your personal data leaked into the hands of people who are not responsible. For security in using this internet, below there are 7 steps that can be done when you use the internet.

1. Customize Browser Settings

In popular browsers that are widely used, have the feature to filter a site. These settings can be maximized to block some web that appear risky and web content with adult content. Unfortunately not all browsers have this feature. Browsers with this feature include IE (Internet Explorer), Firefox, and Safari only. Why Chrome is not yes?

2. Always Watching Children

It is true to keep an eye on children while using the internet. Why? This is because children are proving more easily leaked confidential and private data to strangers on the internet. In addition we are obliged to teach these children about which web is safe and which are not safe. Again, because it’s a big risk kids click on the web automatically, so make sure to give double time when kids use the internet.

3. Use Firewall for Data Safety

Computer users are required to always enable the firewall to suppress intruders who want to access personal data on our computer. We have the option to enable Firewalls based on hardware or software, altogether. Although it must monitor, the firewall is not secure computer safe from hackers.

4. Run Antivirus In Routine

An antivirus function is to scan the entire computer system from viruses that can be entered through a gap we do not realize. The gap is often open when we are browsing on the internet. This is the most basic reason we must use antivirus when using the internet actively.

Therefore, always make sure the antivirus works nonstop on the computer. Let the antivirus scan all files and search for the virus. Currently there are many free antivirus that can be selected according to what we need, starting from the wrong McAfee VirusScan can be made virus scanning automatically.

5. Back Up Hard Disk Routinely

Again, routine data backups are always a recommendation to maintain the security of personal data. For internet users on personal computers, it is important to have and. Data data on a regular basis. Select each important file and make it necessary, then save it to another storage. Virus to infect a computer via the internet or e mail is quite large. Viruses are easily removed and cause damage to all files that are on the hard disk. Therefore, do not forget to do regular backups for things like this.

6. Delete Unknown Identified Email and File Attachments

Recently, there is news if the virus is able to via email. The contents of the e-mail attach a Google Drive file that has a purpose so that the owner of e mail opened it. Then, it is predictable what can happen if the owner of e mail follow the instructions of the virus maker. To avoid cases like this, then we should check first e-mail originated from anywhere or anything.

After that do not originate click files that are not by strangers. Maybe we can verify the contents of e mail by contacting the sender. But now, some large e mail providers offer filter options that are capable of automatically depressing senders not listed on contacts.

7. Provide Limited Information

As much as possible as a wise internet user we should not provide important and sensitive info, such as home or office address, Info about http://aduq.co banking account, resident data ID number, daily activities, photos of children, and others. Do not just believe with strangers, including we must always be careful when doing transactions with others and not just believe in who on behalf of certain parties, and so forth.